Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vizslas attack San Francisco beach

Twenty red dogs ranging from a 5-month-old male pup to a lovely 13-year-old female with a beautiful white muzzle attacked the bluffs and then the sandy beach at the southern border of the City of San Francisco.
We all descended the hills above the beach at Fort Funston, San Francisco, on a perfect late May Sunday morning. Untethered Vizslas ran happily along the beach, climbed steep slopes,and swam in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.
Bailey and Chloe had a splendid time, as did all the four- and two- legged visitors to this little slice of heaven.

This was a walk arranged by Kay Ingle and was posted on the Yahoo group site : VizslaWalk.

Many friends of the redbird dog came and enjoyed the high energy and mayhem.
This is what Vizslas need. Not small urban dog parks.

Nikki, Bailey's sister, couldn't be happier. Can you tell?

This dog had heard of the healing effects of a mud bath in Woof Magazine.

Chloe loves the surf and will jump waves happily in search of a thrown green ball. She has learned to body surf the waves back to shore.

We shared the beach with a few other dogs and horses, but for the most part, it became Red Birddog Beach for a couple hours..
After the walk, Chole and Bailey look down at the activity still occuring on he beach from the cliffs above.

They sleep quietly now in the living room as I post this to their blog.
Another Happy trail.

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Cindy Mommsen said...

So much fun, bummed we couldn't make it.