Monday, January 18, 2016

A Dog's Day at the Beach

At Carmel Beach just south of town we enjoyed a sunny and warm winter morning.  Bailey and Chloe enjoyed running along the beach.
  They had a good time playing with a spunky Brittney Spaniel who had every bit as much energy as our two.
 People who walked with their calm dogs smiled at the energy and drive of these dogs.

Really enjoy the below picture of Bailey as he heads into the surf after a bird.
Chloe loves me to throw here bright green ball into the surf and nothing will stop here from bringing it back. She is quite the body surfer.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Carmel-by-the Sea

Under the world-famous Pebble Beach Golf Links is the northern- most part of the Carmel public beach.  This is a leash-optional stretch of beach. Bailey wears his e-collar so he doesn't chase the beach birds.  That is not allowed.  Otherwise, the dogs are in beach heaven.

After a run on the beach, we headed to our favorite spot to stay.  The Carmel River Inn is at the south end of the town.
Dog friendly, so as I write this Chloe and Bailey relax at the foot of our bed.
 The motel is fine, but the cottages at the back of the property are the places to stay.  The below unit is where we stayed the first time we stayed here four years ago.
The unit we are staying at this winter is a much bigger one-room cottage.
The cottage is $128 per night now.  $20 extra per dog per night.  The same cottage in June, July and August will be over $450 per night.

The food at the Rio Grill by the inn was wonderful.  You want to get there early or make reservations.  The food and drinks were great.  I had the pork shank plate with chili verde sauce.

Carmel is expensive, but doing it way off season makes it reasonable.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Starting REDBIRDDOG: the business

"Do what you love and the rest will fall into place".  If this is true, the path ahead looks great.
My new "business office" and company vehicle starting this Saturday. 
Happy trails and trials.
Rod aka RBD

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Castle Rock Hike

 On a brisk and calm third day in January, John and Lucy (a three-year old sweet Vizsla) came along on one of our normal 2-hour off- leash hikes.  This one was into the Diablo Foothills.  These are some of my favorite trails that are just south of our city of Walnut Creek.
We reached this overlook from the Lavorna Staging Area of the East Bay Regional Park and hiked about three miles in from there to the above lookout.  Much of the Castle Rock area is still wild and scenic. 

With the millions of people living in the Bay Area, these hidden treasures are there for everyone to enjoy.  Few do.  That's ok with Bailey, Chloe and me.  Happy trails in 2016.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

After a Quiet 2015....

After a very quite 2015 on Redbirdog, 2016 looks like it is off to a great start and the dogs and I will be much more active.

On our first hike of 2016, Bailey, Chloe and I headed into the Walnut Creek Open Space south of the city.  90 minutes into the hike and on our way back to the Jeep, Bailey and Chloe headed up a hill and came across something in the grass.  Bailey at first jumped back.  "Snake?" I wondered.  As I got closer, I thought, "injured bird?" and then "Skunk?"   It wasn't until I got within 10 feet that I saw it was a full grown badger.

For the next five minutes it was a circus for the folks walking along the trail below.  Bailey was going to catch this badger and try to kill it.  Chloe circled the animal opposite Bailey and barked constantly.  I took the leashes that I carry and swung the buckle end at Bailey when he tried to go in on the badger.  A few times the badger would charge me and I'd tell it to "back off!, don't you know I'm trying to save you?"   Bailey did mange to grab the badger a couple times and throw it in the air.  The badger in return was able to bite Bailey under the chin.  I tried and tried to grab Bailey but he is too fast and he was too determined otherwise to listen.  Finally the badger found a pipe to crawl into and the "game" was over.  As you can see from the picture above from yesterday, Bailey was not wearing his e-collar.
This morning we headed out again into the hills, this time to the west of town up in the hills of Lafayette.  Bailey wore his e-collar and will for our off-leash adventures. He has gotten a bit too "free" and I need to have a way to control that incredible prey drive he has when it is dangerous for him or the protected animals in the hills where we hike.   

This is a link to a badger and Rhodesian Ridgeback going at it in2009.