Monday, January 26, 2015

No Trail up this Mountain

In my annual sabbatical into the Arizona desert around Quartzsite Bailey and Chloe join me for eight days living "off the grid".

Mountains behind the motor home to the right is Quartzsite Hill, and to the Left is a loose rock mountain with no name.
One day Bailey and Chloe joined me up Quartzsite Hill where this new American flag waved.  In the background was a tough son-of-a-gun mountain to climb.  But the next day we set off to climb it.
Picture from near the top of this tall mountain the next day.  There was NO trail up this mountain and I know why.  No one in their right mind would climb it.
This Mountain is 90% loose, sharp, and hard stone. It was a tough climb over this loose, sharp rock for both the dogs and me.  Behind Bailey's head, off in the distance, is Quartzsite Hill where the flag waved.  The hill looked like a pimple from this mountain looking down.

What you see in the above picture is the closest thing there was to a trail back down the mountain.  I must admit I was nervous as taking a wrong way down was not a healthy option.  I was sure out of my comfort zone.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

All The Money in The World...................

"All the money in the world can't buy this peace and simple happiness with two friends of man." - Ramon Garcia, Jr. 
Picture taken in the middle of Briones Regional Park at the top of Mount Mott 1/3/15.

A few of the shots taken during our 7 1/2 mile hike.  Even the coyotes were nice today.

These two healthy coyotes came charging down the hill after Bailey and Chloe.  My dogs paid them no mind and I gave out a "leave it" to my dogs and they happily moved along.  These two just stopped in this meadow and watched and even played a bit.  Two coyotes vs. two healthy Vizslas is not a battle smart coyotes want to take on.  Ramon asked me if the coyotes made me nervous.  I told him not so much any more, as I pulled out my Buck knife out of it's sheath.
The coyotes in Briones know Bailey and Chloe.  They should after the hundreds of miles we have hiked up here over the last five years.