Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vizsla on the Wall

"Hi! We have a very talented friend who put a painting of our seven year old V up in downtown Toronto over the weekend.

 Hoping it'll be a nice surprise for vizsla owners walking through the area. If you're in Toronto, it's on the southwest corner of Bathurst and Queen, behind the Pizza Pizza. 

Here he is posing with his portrait, totally oblivious to the sensation he caused, haha."

 The photo credit should link to: nogoodthieves.tumblr.com

 and the artist calls himself JARUS (I don't actually know his real name).

 - VeeVeeGirl (Vizsla Forum new member)

35,869 steps = 20.38 miles

Memorial Day 2012 was the day I chose to do a 20+  mile hill hike with my dogs.  I have been building up endurance over the last few years and wanted a good challenge.

Had my pedometer set and off we went at 6:30am up Elderberry Trail in The Las Trampas Wilderness Area.  A steep climb for 1.87 miles into the hills before dropping into 1 of 5 valleys we crossed.

35,869 steps later, we were back to the Jeep.

We had covered 20.38 miles in 5 hours and 10 minutes.  A good 4 miles an hour. 
The flag was still there.  First came across it three weeks ago

A great off leash hiking area for those is good physical shape.  The East Bay Regional Park District does a good job on the trails.  This walk covered streams, canyons, peaks, meadows, orchards, thick forest, open grass fields, fire trails, hand made trails, steep climbs and gentle flowing places. 

 Every half hour you would find yourself in a different environment.  The steams in mid spring are still flowing so the dogs had fresh water regularly.  Great time.  Our bodies are paying the price today.  Well worth it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Internet Vizslas - Beware!

Please don't buy Vizslas over the Internet.

 People can make themselves sound so good!  Buyer beware.


Frank Popolizio issued a press release today, entitled
 "South Side Dogs Owner Frank Popolizio Announces Rise in Vizsla Ownership".

Except: Worcester, NY, May 26, 2012 --(PR.com)--" Owner and founder of South Side Dogs, Frank Popolizio has recently announced that his organization has seen a great surge in demand for Vizslas. The Vizsla breed’s popularity stems primarily from their highly affectionate nature, which makes the animal the ideal family pet for those with small children, in addition to those looking for a robust dog that just loves to run with their owner.

The Viszla breed originated within the greater Hungarian Kingdom, and is one of the oldest dog breeds emanating from that region of the world. Vizslas are extremely rare in modern day because they were previously held closely by nobility due to their statuesque physique and calm nature. In fact, until the early 1940s, few of these animals ever left Hungary. But as more and more dog lovers discover the breed, Viszla ownership levels are rising across North America...."


RBD note: The press release by PR.com goes on with a glowing report of the South Side Dogs operation.  I will not pass on the rest of the article but you can Google South Side Dogs or Southside Farms.

People may actually call or e-mail them.  

Four short months ago:

Except: January 24, 2012
WORCESTER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A veterinarian, members of the Susquehanna SPCA, and a New York State Trooper removed 19 dogs from Southside Farms in Worcester on Tuesday.

Just last week, another 26 dogs were taken from the kennel.

"What concerned me was the weight and size of the animals," says State Trooper Walter Schliermann. "Quite noticeable were the ribs of the dogs and their bones were very defined and you could see the structure of the animal very easily."

At the end of December, State Police received a complaint of malnourished dogs at Southside Farms. When law enforcement first investigated, they gave the owners a deadline to make improvements. As of Tuesday, the conditions had not changed.

Now, clinicians and police are bringing the dogs out of the kennel and into a veterinarian's office to be evaluated and treated. After being examined, the animals find temporary residence in a number of other local shelters.

"What they are doing is examining the dogs, taking a look at the dogs and any issues with their weight or size or any injuries, the veterinarians are looking at and determining what dogs will be removed at that time," says Trooper Schliermann.

As the dogs were removed from the kennel, spines and protruding ribs were visibly noticeable. Clinicians pointed out that some of the tails are infected.....  (see rest of story on link)


From Yahoo Vizsla Talk Listserve: May 26, 2012

"The next court case is June 5. Please DO NOT contact the local shelter, as they are a small
organization and do not have the time nor manpower to be deluged with phone
calls again, as they were back in December. The shelter manager was sent this
article by me when it first appeared and asked what we, as a vizsla community can do. 

The dogs that were seized back in December were only the ones in medical need. This is the law. Most of them are living a wonderful life as fosters in homes.

He has been selling puppies all along advertising on many different websites. 

Horrible, yes.  Illegal no. 

Hopefully with all the press releases by the local papers, people interested will Google his name or kennel and be aware.

I will update the yahoo groups when I hear the outcome of the next trial.

These trials take place in the afternoon at about 4:30.

Again, we need to support the SPCA in their efforts with all the dogs seized. Donations are still needed. Lets not take time away from their care with the animals to have to answer calls and emails.

I will do my best as the appointed point person to keep everyone up to date.

Thank you,"

Stephanie Fischer
President and Rescue Chair
Vizsla Club of Long Island

I find it ironic that sandwiched between two stories of abused Vizslas, on my blog, is the post of how Bailey's pups are going to their new homes. 

 Hobby breeding vs. Commercial Internet selling breeding.  

Quite the difference. 

 Please support hobby breeders and avoid commercial "puppy mill" breeders. 
 If you get anything from ever reading this blog, this would be the most important part to take away, in my opinion.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Six Bailey Pups Going Home

Letter from Julie this morning (edited for internet)

 #1 Red will be gone Sunday to Ken..... (father of Aaron who got Fawkes from Bailey's first litter.)

 #2 ...Yuba is her name, I'm hoping for Placergold's Yuba Blue, like the sound of it.

 #3 went to two doctors and their three children, think they will name her Penny.

 #4 is going to a quiet couple in their early thirties, he works at ....

 #5 is going to a nice couple from ..., he is a CFO for some company and she is a teacher 1st and 2nd grade part-time, summer off for the pup.

#6 is going to a friend of #2, half Hungarian, two kids and a lawyer husband [very down to earth]. Has two Vizsla's already, so those two pups will no doubt be life long buddies.
My guess is Sophie will be looking forward to some peace and quiet.

Letter back to Julie regarding the pup's new owners:
"I'd like to offer every puppy buyer a training session with Ken (professional trainer) when the pups are 16 to 18 weeks old.
For every title they get on their dogs, I will offer them $50 out of my stud fee. JH, SH, MH, FC, AFC.
One of Bailey's female pups from first litter and her human
Each puppy buyer can come on a pheasant hunt this fall following Bailey doing what nature intended."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Vizsla Rescues a Year Later

Some of you might remember the images of five emaciated 13 week old Vs that came into Show Me Vizsla Rescue last summer. These boys were in bad shape! Well, here is what some TLC, passage of time and the spirit of a Vizsla can do!! Enjoy!! - Staci

by Kat Harrington

The licks and the wiggles
Bring countless giggles
To ease my heart and soul
From a ride in the truck
To ‘Let’s chase the Duck”
It does take a very hard toll

But I know in my heart
That God’s creatures are smart
And they remember those who are kind
So I smile on the outside 
And cry on the inside
As I beseech those wonderful minds 

To teach them they can trust
That not all humans are ‘bust’
And that there is love in the human hand
I will feed you and play
Til the end of the day
As you wrap my heart in a band

Because for over 20 years
Through laughter and many, many tears
I have loved and cared for my four legged friends
Some from the moment they arrive
and then open their tiny eyes
And alas…others til their very end.

I AM a Foster Mom!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Criticize a Man's Bird Dog

One of the first things you learned about bird hunting,

 if you grew up in the South, was that you don't criticize another
 man's bird dog.

 "Son," they'd tell you,"You might be in the field with some old boy who spends
 the whole day cussing his dog for busting coveys,
running off, and just generally being sorry.

 But what you need to understand is, probably he loves that dog.

 And no matter how bad that dog behaves, he don't want to hear about it from anyone else. That dog is like family.

 Someday you'll understand the thing between a hunter and his dog. For now, just keep your mouth shut." 

There is a jewel of truth embedded in that advice.

 Hunters feel about their dogs the way the father in the parable felt about the Prodigal Son.

 It is always "Come on home, son. All is forgiven." 

In the view of a true hunter, all gun dogs are special and a few are legends.

 Hunters will sing the songs of those dogs' deeds like the ancient sang the epics of Homer. If it weren't for dogs, conversations between bird hunters wouldn't be anywhere near so long, interesting, or funny as they are.

 Sometime in your hunting career you understand that it is the dogs that are the stars of this movie. When you start out, you just want to shoot birds. As you mature, you want to hunt with style. 

When you attain wisdom, you want to be out with dogs because you understand that they have the gifts and the heart. You are just along to witness their deeds and to tell the tales. 

Geoff Norman

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vizsla Introduction Video from 1986

Not sure where this video came from or how it ended up on You Tube.

"This video is actually the first few minutes from the AKC Breed video produced by AKC in 1986, based on the breed standard of 1983. 
The AKC produced VHS videos of most of the breeds recognized at that time. With advent of dvd's, the VHS tapes became obsolete and by 2000 had AKC phased out that program. The AKC no longer sells VHS tapes, so this video is not readily available."  - Sylvia

"The video was taped during the 1985 nationals in New Jersey.  The back ground lake is in Assunpink Wildlife Management Area in Hightstown.  I was the chair of the national events that year." - Linda P.

Packed full of information in this short 3 minute clip.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5 hour hill hike with 3 Vizslas

 Five hours hiking the Las Trampas Wilderness Area with fellow Vizsla owner Dwight, and I am worn out.  We covered over 12 miles of hill terrain this morning.  Bailey, Chloe and Dwight's 7-month-old male, Paxton, started at 7:30 this morning.  It was going to be a 2 1/2 hour walk.

Once we got going, we just kept on going and going and going.  By 10 a.m. (2 1/2 hours in) we were 6 plus miles away from our trucks.

For being in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, for many hours we were in a "wilderness."

Dwight is just a few years older than I am.  He admitted near noon that he had never taken a 12 mile hike in his life.  He did well. 
 I love these hikes.  We came across a hiker, who said he has attempted to walk every East Bay trail.  We talked for a while on Las Trampas Peak.  There is a 20-mile hike he told me about that I am excited about doing this summer.  

A morning walk with very few people, absolutely no cars, roads or man made objects.  I liked it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hungarian Government wants to shut down Kennel Club

Two sides of the debate about Hungarian Government wanting to protect its National Treasures in the Vizsla and Kopo, and an international organization wanting to hold its position in the canine world.  Interesting debate and there is more to know.  Interesting time to be a Vizsla owner or breeder in Hungary.

"From what I understand MEOE is a NGO (Non-governmental organization) intimately connected to FCI .

Nothing about it is Hungarian anymore and it is likened to a Mafia organization controlled by foreign interests. There is big money involved, since MEOE is charging pretty heavily legitimate breeders to register their dogs.

To further complicate matters Hungarian dogs, esp the Vizsla, have recently enjoyed tremendous international popularity.

This gave rise to uncontrolled breeding practices - dogs smuggled across Hungarian borders and others smuggled back for breeding. It is not MEOE's mandate to police dog/livestock breeding practices . But the government has such powers, especially when it comes to national treasures like the Vizsla.

To the Hungarian government it matters not if the FCI recognizes the Vizsla or the Kopo. What matters is the preservation of a national treasure."

- Julius

Hungarían Kennel Club (MEOE), www.kennelclub.hu

Considering the current situation that our member in Hungary, MEOE, is facing,

 the FCI members and the FCI General Committee wish to reiterate their full support
 to our very long-standing member that has been sharing our wonderful existence since 1933
 Talks and negotiations will take place with the Hungarian political authorities to envisage
 the future but we want to insist to the world dog community that MEOE
 can count with our unconditioned support and friendship.
H.W. Müller
FCI President

We ask all members of the FCI to help save the MEOE - the Hungarian Kennel Club by this petition The MEOE has ...a long tradition, established in 1899, of Pedigreeregistration, FCI International Shows, Breed clubs and all kind of canine activities for the benefits of its members !....Let us stand together and show the Hungarian Government how many people that supports this club all over the world !!
Sincerely, We ask all members of the FCI to help save the MEOE - the Hungarian Kennel Club by this petition The MEOE has a long tradition, established in 1899, of Pedigreeregistration, FCI International Shows, Breed clubs and all kind of canine activities for the benefits of its members !....Let us stand together and show the Hungarian Government how many people that supports this club all over the world !! ......
The Hungarian Government wants to control dog breeding in Hungary. Only organizations approved by the Government are allowed to make pedigrees, arrange shows and judge.

Everyone else not approved is NOT allowed and will be penalized with very high fines. The government does not want to approve the Meoe ! and FCI does not want to approve any other organization in Hungary than the Meoe.

So if no solution before 15. May 2012 the Meoe is not able to run a club and FCI will have no activities in Hungary any more !! ….
We are in chock that a government is able to do this and think it is has nothing to do with European democracy !! The Meoe have existed since 1899 so a very long tradition and history that we will not accept to loose in the FCI !! …That is why we are asking all members of FCI – especially the European members to help in this fight and save the Meoe !
Who knows this could easily spread to other eastern European countries with the loss of many fine breeders, gene poles and shows ! 

We must try to do our best to help the Meoe!

Also contact your national kennel Club to ask what kind of actions they are taking.
Thank you for signing the petition to help save the MEOE .
Imagine it was your kennel club this was happening to - imagine you could no longer have your dogs registred in FCI by your kennel club as it did no longer exsist !!......Imagine you could no longer attend a FCI show in you country !!....Imagine all you national judges could no longer judge !!....Imagine your native breeds could no longer get an FCI pedigree !!....Imagine you could no longer export the dogs you have breed to other FCI countries !!..... Please help sharing this petiton by sharing on Facebook, Twitter on your Kennel Club website or you local breed Club - we want as many as possible to be able to show their support - thank you so much ! 

And another viewpoint can be found on this excellent article on Inside-Dobermann Blog:


It is 1956 again in Hungary!

Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete
 1899 - 2012?

Can you imagine a government banning and closing down national
 kennel club?
Can you imagine the government sending special operation forces,
 with weapons, to raid your kennel club,
 to obtain the breeding database?
Can you imagine a government punishing all breed clubs
 with big fines?
Can you imagine a government taking away all dog shows and
 purebreed activities?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't think I'll take Bailey wild pig hunting in Texas

E-mailed to me from a friend of mine last night:
"Cute little Texas pig that was killed in the town of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas (a small community just north of Conroe, The Woodlands, and Houston)

We call them Piney Wood Rooter's.

There was a documentary a month ago about these pigs growing up rapidly in the US.

They're all over Georgia , Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Florida and other states.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those people that just leave home and disappear but their car is found out on a dirt road?

Between bigfoot and these monsters, I think we know!

This one was killed by a Medical Radiology worker...

What would you do if this beast was coming at you?

Run for dear life? Climb a tree? Or simply get run over?

Over 1,800 lb. wild boar shot and killed in Conroe, Texas near the county airport, east of I-45 and near the community of Cut-N-Shoot.

Yep.......only in Texas !

We were told to stand still because their eye sight is poor.

By standing still they probably would not see you and walk right on by.
And NO you can't outrun them!!

And they wonder why most Southerners are armed?
I rest my case. "

...and then I found out that the above photos were photoshopped. I had been duped. 
"That picture is not from Texas. It is from Turkey or Russia, can't remember. The outfitter posted them on the Texas Hunting Forum some time ago. The topic do go deep into a discussion on the trick photography.  It's a wide angle with the shooter positioned far behind the hog. Still a nice pig."
- Sniper John 

 This is more like it:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Define: Vizslas Running Large

In a pointing breed field trail, one of the traits you hear the judges looking for is if the dog is "running large".

Is he or she a "big running dog".

Thought I'd show a clip of a couple Vizslas "running large."  Bailey, followed by Chloe open it up on this wide open hill side in this 
1.23  minute clip. 

Their prey this morning: ground squirrels but a bird is rustled up about 45 seconds in and it worked just as well.
The joy of a full tilt run.

This is up in Briones Regional Park in the East portion of the San Francisco Bay on a warm May morning.
Mountain biking with Vizslas on Mount Mott trail
A little later in the bike ride we just cruised along on a flat section of valley floor.  A bit over 10 miles covered by me on the bike in two hours.  Bailey and Chloe at least doubled that much running. 

It was what nature built into them to do.