Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Vizsla Rescues a Year Later

Some of you might remember the images of five emaciated 13 week old Vs that came into Show Me Vizsla Rescue last summer. These boys were in bad shape! Well, here is what some TLC, passage of time and the spirit of a Vizsla can do!! Enjoy!! - Staci

by Kat Harrington

The licks and the wiggles
Bring countless giggles
To ease my heart and soul
From a ride in the truck
To ‘Let’s chase the Duck”
It does take a very hard toll

But I know in my heart
That God’s creatures are smart
And they remember those who are kind
So I smile on the outside 
And cry on the inside
As I beseech those wonderful minds 

To teach them they can trust
That not all humans are ‘bust’
And that there is love in the human hand
I will feed you and play
Til the end of the day
As you wrap my heart in a band

Because for over 20 years
Through laughter and many, many tears
I have loved and cared for my four legged friends
Some from the moment they arrive
and then open their tiny eyes
And alas…others til their very end.

I AM a Foster Mom!

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John Connelly said...

I'm 57 years old and I've been around the world a bit but my heart breaks to see the plight of some Vizslak; it's only fixed by seeing the kindness of those that rescue them. Brilliant story Rod; thanks for posting it.