Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Six Bailey Pups Going Home

Letter from Julie this morning (edited for internet)

 #1 Red will be gone Sunday to Ken..... (father of Aaron who got Fawkes from Bailey's first litter.)

 #2 ...Yuba is her name, I'm hoping for Placergold's Yuba Blue, like the sound of it.

 #3 went to two doctors and their three children, think they will name her Penny.

 #4 is going to a quiet couple in their early thirties, he works at ....

 #5 is going to a nice couple from ..., he is a CFO for some company and she is a teacher 1st and 2nd grade part-time, summer off for the pup.

#6 is going to a friend of #2, half Hungarian, two kids and a lawyer husband [very down to earth]. Has two Vizsla's already, so those two pups will no doubt be life long buddies.
My guess is Sophie will be looking forward to some peace and quiet.

Letter back to Julie regarding the pup's new owners:
"I'd like to offer every puppy buyer a training session with Ken (professional trainer) when the pups are 16 to 18 weeks old.
For every title they get on their dogs, I will offer them $50 out of my stud fee. JH, SH, MH, FC, AFC.
One of Bailey's female pups from first litter and her human
Each puppy buyer can come on a pheasant hunt this fall following Bailey doing what nature intended."


Lindsy said...

We got one of Sophie and Bailey's pups from this litter (a boy, now named Louie). I don't think we'll get started in hunting, but we would like to see how Louie does with it.

Rod Michaelson said...


Very happy for you and hope Louie is all you were hoping for in a Vizsla.

You can e-mail me anytime you have questions.

I can help introduce Louie to birds and you can see what his dad can do in a field.


Michael & Alan said...

Hi Rod, would like to hear more but we might be interested in having Yuba do a training session with Ken. Maybe Saturday, July 21? She will have had her 16-week shots the weekend before.

Rod Michaelson said...

Today is Bailey's 4th birthday. I'll sure see if Ken will be around. He runs a dog training camp for a month in summer and six weeks in fall at his place in South Dakota. Be great to see if there is hunt in Yuba. My guess is with both Sophie's line and Bailey's there is.
drop me a line to my e-mail. I think Julie gave it to you.
Happy puppyhood.

Lindsy said...


I sent you an email yesterday about Louie, with his name as the subject. I wanted to give you the heads up in case it ended up in your spam.

Rod Michaelson said...

Got it! I'm excited at the opportunity.