Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vizsla Introduction Video from 1986

Not sure where this video came from or how it ended up on You Tube.

"This video is actually the first few minutes from the AKC Breed video produced by AKC in 1986, based on the breed standard of 1983. 
The AKC produced VHS videos of most of the breeds recognized at that time. With advent of dvd's, the VHS tapes became obsolete and by 2000 had AKC phased out that program. The AKC no longer sells VHS tapes, so this video is not readily available."  - Sylvia

"The video was taped during the 1985 nationals in New Jersey.  The back ground lake is in Assunpink Wildlife Management Area in Hightstown.  I was the chair of the national events that year." - Linda P.

Packed full of information in this short 3 minute clip.

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