Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hard working Red Bird Dog looking for work

"It says here on your resume Mr. Bailey's Wildest Dream, that you will run for hours in an attempt to fulfill the goals set for you on any given day and that you will work for only food and lodging."
"It says here your work history is located on the internet. You have created a website."
"We'll have a job for you at the end of September.  Please stay in top physical condition until then Sir Dream."
Chloe running around an alert Bailey. Birds?
Pictures from this morning at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve.
Pheasant Season starts September 20th.  We'll be ready to enjoy the fields once again.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trees and Vizslas

It has been said that Vizslas have paws like cats.  Well they sure do love trees.  These pictures are of Bailey and Chloe climbing trees.
  Squirrels run up these things and frustrate the dogs often.  
When they can get in one they do.
The above pictures are Bailey and this huge old oak tree in the hills north of Martinez, California this morning.

Below, Chloe was sure a squirrel climbed this tree on a hike south of Walnut Creek, California last week. 
              She was going to look for herself.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old Friends Putting On Some Miles

Roger and I go back 23 years.  One day, a year or so ago, our companies did a joint venture. 
 This got Roger and I talking again about dogs. Roger had been a Weimaraner guy.  One of the first people I had ever known who showed and field trialed sporting dogs.
Found out Roger had gotten Charlie, a great Vizsla, a couple years back to join Tess, a sweet little 4-year-old Weimaraner.
We have been two- or three-hour hill hikes together for a couple months now on weekend mornings.
 Here are some of the pictures from our adventures in the hills of the East Bay. 
Overlooking the Briones Regional Park looking west
Taking a break on a nice Bay Area morning hike.  Fog in the background.
 Some times joined by his brilliant son, Grant.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Business Hikes with Vizslas

This is a new way I do a business meeting.  

Hike 90 minutes to 120 minutes in the hills as we discuss business.

I have done dozens now over the last few months. 

 Fresh ideas come from fresh minds and fresh air.

Reviews from folks I hike with have been positive.