Friday, May 23, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Freedom to Run Through the Fields

I am trying to find the right picture that expresses the freedom I have to run Bailey and Chloe through hills full of spear grass and foxtails.
Picture taken this morning in Briones Regional Park top of Mount Mott

 The "Outfox" headgear has been a solution to a problem we have here in spring and summer.
 I know of only three ways to deal with a problem:
confront it, avoid it, or ignore it.
 The first three years we would avoid going into places with foxtails. 
 We would only go to the beaches, deserts, or deep forests to let the dogs run free.
 Now we confront the problem with the right gear.
The open fields with wildflowers of hundreds of types being enjoyed on a great spring morning.
Ignoring the problem is never a good option.

Picture of Sawyer with stitches removed after lung surgery to get foreign object out of his lung.
Below link is Sawyer's benefit drive link to help off-set $7,000 vet bill.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dutch Creek in Coloma - Hidden Treasure

 The pictures following are of Dutch Creek that lies behind this gate.  Next to the gate are these seven signs.  Almost all parks in the California State Park System are "officially" not accessible to dogs. 
Asking locals, I have always been given guidance on how local rangers enforce these rules. 
Things change, so always check for yourself.
 On our two-hour hikes along the creek, we did not come across one other person.  We hiked it on both a Friday and a Saturday morning.
 Ask the locals in Coloma how to find Dutch Creek east of Coloma Resort.
 The creek is found after a .4 mile hike through open fields along the canyon.
 There were at least 20 little water falls we came across.
 Bailey and Chloe loved it.
This artesian well came out of the hillside.

 These were great spring hikes. 

Coloma Resort - Hidden Treasure

On Hwy 49 in the Sierra Foothills lies the historical site of Coloma.  Where gold was discovered in 1848. 
Bailey and Chloe sitting nice for a picture in front of the statue

At the hill overlooking Coloma is a statue of Marshall pointing down to the American River where he discovered gold.  The statue was erected back in May 1890 for $5,000.
"The Marshall Monument stands at the summit of Marshall Hill, overlooking the town of Coloma and the site of Sutter’s Mill. The bronze Marshall, holding a gold nugget in one hand, points with the other to the site where he discovered those first few flakes of gold. The monument is made of granite and stands thirty-one feet tall, atop of which is the ten foot six-inch tall bronze statue of James Marshall. The monument was designed and sculpted by J. Marion Wells, and cast in San Francisco. It was erected by an Act of the Legislature, in May of 1890 at a cost of $5,000. James Wilson Marshall is buried beneath the monument."
Historic bridge off of Hwy 49 that crosses the American River.
This bridge takes you over to Coloma Resort.
  • From Sacramento, take Highway 50 east towards South Lake Tahoe.
  • After about 30 miles take exit #37 (Ponderosa/North Shingle Road).
  • Turn left over Highway 50, and then turn right at the light onto North Shingle Road.
  • Follow North Shingle Road about 5 1/2 miles. North Shingle Road becomes Lotus Road.
  • Follow Lotus Road about 6 miles until it ends at Highway 49.
  • Turn right on Highway 49 and drive 3/4 mile to Mt. Murphy Road just past Sutter’s Mill.
  • Take an immediate left to cross over the one lane bridge onto Mt. Murphy Road.
  • As soon as you cross over the one lane bridge Coloma Resort is on your right.           
Our Lazy Daze parked along the river next to a small cabin available to rent.  This is just 30 feet from the river.
From the hills overlooking the river valley looking back towards the American River where it flows past Coloma Resort.
After sunset the row of RV and campers fire up the campfires along the river bank.
 A very clean and well run resort for tent campers, RV campers and cabins for rent.
 Our space.  #63 right on the river.

 Bailey and Chloe hanging out on a rock in the river.
A quiet pond next to the flowing river.  The dogs enjoying some off-leash paradise.