Saturday, May 17, 2014

Freedom to Run Through the Fields

I am trying to find the right picture that expresses the freedom I have to run Bailey and Chloe through hills full of spear grass and foxtails.
Picture taken this morning in Briones Regional Park top of Mount Mott

 The "Outfox" headgear has been a solution to a problem we have here in spring and summer.
 I know of only three ways to deal with a problem:
confront it, avoid it, or ignore it.
 The first three years we would avoid going into places with foxtails. 
 We would only go to the beaches, deserts, or deep forests to let the dogs run free.
 Now we confront the problem with the right gear.
The open fields with wildflowers of hundreds of types being enjoyed on a great spring morning.
Ignoring the problem is never a good option.

Picture of Sawyer with stitches removed after lung surgery to get foreign object out of his lung.
Below link is Sawyer's benefit drive link to help off-set $7,000 vet bill.


Anonymous said...

Great pics and description Rod. In addition to the fundraising page, is donating 25% of every field guard purchase towards Sawyers Veterinary expense through the end of May/2014. It's a win win. People and their dogs can run safely and it helps a fellow dog lover in need at the same time.

John Connelly said...

Hi Rod, I know it is a serious problem (which I'm so glad we don't have here) but I had to laugh seeing Bailey and Chloe in their head gear - V's are such tolerant beasts! :) All the best for safe trails from UK.