Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dutch Creek in Coloma - Hidden Treasure

 The pictures following are of Dutch Creek that lies behind this gate.  Next to the gate are these seven signs.  Almost all parks in the California State Park System are "officially" not accessible to dogs. 
Asking locals, I have always been given guidance on how local rangers enforce these rules. 
Things change, so always check for yourself.
 On our two-hour hikes along the creek, we did not come across one other person.  We hiked it on both a Friday and a Saturday morning.
 Ask the locals in Coloma how to find Dutch Creek east of Coloma Resort.
 The creek is found after a .4 mile hike through open fields along the canyon.
 There were at least 20 little water falls we came across.
 Bailey and Chloe loved it.
This artesian well came out of the hillside.

 These were great spring hikes. 

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Pam Lambros said...

That looks like heaven,Rod.