Monday, February 28, 2011

Vizsla Tooth Brush - Raw Turkey Wing

In the fourth of a series of posts on brushing a Vizsla's teeth, I took this video of Bailey taking on a raw turkey wing.  Bailey has a large head and mouth and a raw chicken wing would be gone in seconds.  Not much scrubbing action was taking place.

  Now Chloe on the other hand, has a small mouth and a chicken wing is perfect.

The turkey wing has an added bonus.  I fed Bailey the wing just after we came in from a run in late this afternoon. 
Turkey is full of the chemical tryptohan, which is a natural sedative.  
Now he has been peacefully resting on the couch all evening with teeth that are markedly cleaner.

Plus the wings were on sale for only 99 cents a pound compared to $2.99 for chicken wings.

The raw bones completely dissolve in their digestive tract, and I see no traces in his stools.  RAW is the key.  NEVER COOKED!

Thank you to my friends John and Juliet, from the UK, for enlightening me on this great way to clean teeth and give the dogs some fat, minerals, and protein while making their teeth bright white.


Juliet said...

Hey good to see Bailey chomping away merrily! Much cheaper & less invasive than visiting the dentist too!!!!! Your right about no traces in the stool...what you will notice though is that their stools will become firmer &, therefore, easier to pick up (!) plus firmer stools help to keep their anal glands clear.

You're lucky to be able to get hold of turkey in the UK it's hard to find them apart from around the Christmas period.

You've taught me something too...I didn't know about Tryptophan being a sedative. Mind you, it doesn't seem to have that effect with Radar...he seems to get an endorphine rush(thinks his duvet is a bitch...if you know what I mean!!) immediately after eating his wings...then he gets very tired!

Take care. Juliet

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea. I will keep an eye out for the turkey wings, won't be surprised if I can't find them. Wonder what Luna will think. Lol looks like the pups are loving these experiments. I like the added bonus too. ;-)


Rod Michaelson said...

Turkey has Tryptophan and chicken does not.

Juliet. I feel for the duvet. The Tryptophan is amazing. What a calming agent. I am watching Bailey just melt into the couch.

Before, after a run in the country he would still be wound up like a top.

Ken and Janet said...

Juliet, That's because Radar knows chicken wings are Pub fare. After a time down 't pub, we blokes all come home a bit randy... after that, Can he help it you've got a fit duvet?

Juliet said...

I'll definitely look out for turkey wings...the duvet deserves a rest too!

By the way, Rio gets a bit confused with Radar's post-chicken wing antics...he lies on top of the duvet in an attempt to curb Radar's ardour!

Ken/Janet...almost too much information...hee, hee!!

Cindy Mommsen said...

Interesting...with this teeth cleaning method, how often do they need to eat a wing...daily, weekly?

Not sure if I like the idea of raw meat getting flung around on the floor, but I'd like to give it a try.

How long did it take Bailey to eat the wing?

Rod Michaelson said...

Bailey works hard at it for about 6 to 8 minutes. Then again, Bailey has a big mouth and head. Chloe would take a week! She takes about 5 minutes on her chicken wing.

I noticed improvements after the third wing.

I'm doing one wing daily (after our outing in the hills) as part of the experiment.

At about 75 cents a wing, it's a great bargain. Plus Bailey can use the added protein and fat and the added relaxation drug makes life calmer at nignt.

Use the kitchen floor or outside as it does get a bit messy. Not too bad though.

Cindy Mommsen said...

One last question - would this be a meal for them or just a treat? Are you still giving them the same amount of dog food?

In my case, Turbie would probably get the turkey wing and Remo would get the chicken wing. He out weighs her by 18 lbs., but he is a very slow eater. He lays down when he eats his kibbles, one bite at a time. Turbie is the terminator, she just inhales anything you give her.

Thanks for the info.

Rod Michaelson said...

The wing is a snack. A chicken wing is not much at all. A turkey wing a quite a bit of meat.

Normal kibble amount.

Bailey needs the extra fat as he is skinny in field trial condition.

Experiment. A few won't make any difference.

Cindy, let me know how it went.