Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teeth cleaning experiment

I had to try raw chicken wings today to answer someone's question from my last post on cleaning teeth.  She had a Vizsla that would just lick the wing and not eat it.  My friend Juliet said this might happen when a Vizsla was offered a raw chicken wing.

We have never tried raw wings before.

My suggestion was to go out and run her Vizsla in the morning and not feed him breakfast. Get him good and hungry.

We went out and they ran off-leash for 90 minutes up in the hills.

 On the way back I stopped at the local food market and bought 10 fresh wings. About 60 cents each. 

Brought them to the car all wrapped up and the dogs smelled them with interest. Fresh, I think, is the key.

Got home and Bailey devoured one and then the next. Not much chewing action with the big boy.

Bailey may require raw turkey wings.
These chicken wings don't last long with this boy

Chloe took hers down the hall and kind of licked it for a bit and stood over it with her tail between her legs. We just let her be and about 5 minutes later she started chopping away. It took her a couple minutes to eat it.  I can see how the action cleans the teeth. 

I think fresh and hungry are the key parts to getting it going.

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Anonymous said...

Luna used to be kind of the same way about the raw chicken backs I gave her. I ended up having to segment them into smaller pieces. Her being hungry helps too. Sometimes I would even hand feed them to her as she built confidence about how to chew them (this was mainly because I was really trying to get her to fill out and maintain a good weight)

So maybe your friend could also try to trim skin (this somethings bothers her, too slippery) and maybe segment them into 2 pieces rather than one. Also could possibly try chicken necks, as they don't have as weird a shape. It's a lot about just getting your dog used to the idea of eating raw then you will be able to challenge and expand their taste.

How many wings do you think should be fed?