Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nice to get feed back from time to time

"I've been wanting a Vizsla for years, but it just hasn't been a possibility until now. I'm hoping to add a new pup to my household within the next year, and in the meantime, I love reading about your canine friends and learning from your experiences. By way of thanks, I'm recognizing you with a Stylish Blogger Award.
 If you'd like to read about it and pass it on, I've posted about it here:"

Yankee in Iowa



 I have been reading these posts and at times, I visit your blog. I opened your site this morning to a wonderful vista, over the ocean with your little one, running (down wind from Fort Funston).

What an exceptionally, beautiful picture. I have saved it as my screen saver. This path/view was one of the last walks Christine and I did with all of you ....

So this area, this beach holds a very special place for me...

I have been reading about the off-leash debacle and I have galvanized my non-Vizsla-group friends to assist/check out the meetings/events...those who are in the company of 4-legged and those who are not.

This is something we must protect and fight for..."

Kendall with Abby.

Thank you both.  I hope this blog does our breed justice and shows that they are not just a "pretty face" but dogs that need to get out and run to be happy.

Kendall brings up the fight regarding keeping open spaces dog friendly.

There are currently two issues in the Bay Area where certain groups want to eliminate the access to off-leash trails.

Any one who wants to help save the open spaces where we can let our dogs free can contact me and I will put them in touch with the right groups.


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