Monday, March 31, 2014

A Classic Glass - Vizsla design

Really liked this design by Jim Pearson on this classic 16 oz. drinking glass with a good looking early 20th century European style art work of our favorite breed. 
 Now just have to find a great Hungarian beer to go in it.

I get nothing out of this but if you use promo code 40sips you save 40%.  

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Better Stakeout?

We tried out a new product on our RV trip last weekend.
The SUREswivel stake out.

In the country during a field trial or out hunting, you can stake out your dog to what is available.

At RV parks and state park camp grounds, stakeouts are looked down on or not permitted at all.  But what if the stakeout was almost hidden and was not a tripping hazard?

The above picture has Bailey staked out to a traditional swivel stake driven into the ground with a small 4 pound anvil hammer.  Chloe is staked out to the SUREswivel using the six smaller stakes and a 12 oz claw hammer.
The normal stake can be a safety
problem at night in a camp ground that is dark.
 But how strong is it?
 How about a 70 pound Malinois (Belgium Shepherd) pulling to try and get a hot dog? 

Finally, the dog's owner, that I enlisted to do this test, tried to pull it out and couldn't. 
 He got his friend to help.  With both of them pulling, they were able to pull it free from the grassy soil.

So I am adding this stake out to my supplies in the motorhome.  I'll purchase a bright orange coated 3/32" cable with snap hooks to join the swivel to the collar and find a small zippered pouch to keep it all in.
 Finding good quality products made here in California is a rare treat.  Good job to the folks up in Yuba City, California. You make a nice tool for my dog's safety and that of fellow campers.

HuntinDawg product link to SureSwivel

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bailey and The Little Hunter

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bailey on point

Great mid-March day out at Birds Landing

Happy boy in his element

4-year-old Cassie and Bailey in the hunting fields

Cassie with her pheasant brought to her by Bailey

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Morro Bay from Black Hill

From Morro Bay State Park, where we parked our Lazy Daze motor home during a RV get-together, we headed up the hill.

 Bailey and Chloe joined me to hike the peak of Black Hill. 
 At 1,661 feet, the pinnacle allowed us a view over Morro Bay and the surrounding valleys were spectacular.

The dogs enjoyed it.  I loved it!
At one point a couple small rabbits crossed the trail as we hiked up the rocky trail.
I just glad my arm is still attached to my shoulder.
They are hunting dogs after all.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vizsla Fun Field Day One Month Away

Come see what Bailey and Chloe have enjoyed going to over the years.  I'll be planting birds for young Vizslas to experience why they are who they are. 

How to Register for the Vizsla Fun Day



Come and see what field work is all about
and your Vizsla will love you even more!

The VCNC Fun Field Day is a great opportunity to expose your Vizsla to the joys of hunting game birds in the field.
 It is geared towards “all ages and skill levels” of
dogs and owners.
 You are given a unique
opportunity to participate in a day of training
runs and instruction on hunting game birds in
the field. Get advice and mentoring from our
seasoned club members, soak up the
atmosphere and enjoy the day with many other
Vizslas and their families.
 $25 for 2 birds or $15
for a single bird with puppy training
Hamburgers/Hot Dogs, chips and soda
will be available for purchase ($5)

Deadline for reservations is
Monday April 7, 2014

 The link to the Vizsla Fun Field Day 2012
 2012 Vizsla Fun Field Day Post