Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Better Stakeout?

We tried out a new product on our RV trip last weekend.
The SUREswivel stake out.

In the country during a field trial or out hunting, you can stake out your dog to what is available.

At RV parks and state park camp grounds, stakeouts are looked down on or not permitted at all.  But what if the stakeout was almost hidden and was not a tripping hazard?

The above picture has Bailey staked out to a traditional swivel stake driven into the ground with a small 4 pound anvil hammer.  Chloe is staked out to the SUREswivel using the six smaller stakes and a 12 oz claw hammer.
The normal stake can be a safety
problem at night in a camp ground that is dark.
 But how strong is it?
 How about a 70 pound Malinois (Belgium Shepherd) pulling to try and get a hot dog? 

Finally, the dog's owner, that I enlisted to do this test, tried to pull it out and couldn't. 
 He got his friend to help.  With both of them pulling, they were able to pull it free from the grassy soil.

So I am adding this stake out to my supplies in the motorhome.  I'll purchase a bright orange coated 3/32" cable with snap hooks to join the swivel to the collar and find a small zippered pouch to keep it all in.
 Finding good quality products made here in California is a rare treat.  Good job to the folks up in Yuba City, California. You make a nice tool for my dog's safety and that of fellow campers.

HuntinDawg product link to SureSwivel

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it worked well. It is nice to see there is still some entrepreneurship in CA! Thanks for sharing RBD!