Friday, March 14, 2014

Bailey and The Little Hunter

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bailey on point

Great mid-March day out at Birds Landing

Happy boy in his element

4-year-old Cassie and Bailey in the hunting fields

Cassie with her pheasant brought to her by Bailey


diane said...

Hey Rod,
I just wanted to stop by and say how beautiful your photographs are. You are starting with a stunning subject, but you really do your dogs justice with your photography. When I come to check out your blog, I am always wowed by the image at the top. I like this one very much. My favorite so far was the one of the dogs on the red rocks...Arizona?

Rod Michaelson said...

Quartzsite, Arizona near the top of the highest peak.
Thanks for coming by Diane. photography is very enjoyable for me. The dogs can assume the position for a good shop.