Friday, February 11, 2011

On Point - A Pheasant - No Doubt

 These pictures are of Bailey's point.  Judges and handlers in the field call it: "dog standing."   Same as calling out "dog on point."

Once Bailey goes on point these still pictures could as easily be  motion pictures because they would look the same.

He is "rock solid."  His points today on pheasant were from an average of 25 feet away.  The boy has a great nose.
 We went to Bird's Landing Hunting Preserve today with a couple friends.

 A section was reserved for us and eight pheasant were planted.  The section was about the size of 40 football fields. One of my friend's brought along his 5-year-old female German short hair pointer.
Over the next 90 minutes Bailey had covered the ground with a couple 10 minute water breaks thrown in.
My friend, Tommy, watching with interest Bailey's steadiness
 Of the 8 birds, Bailey found and held through the shot on 6 of them. 

We took a break so the GSP could work a couple birds.

Bailey was being a pheasant vacuum cleaner covering huge tracts of the field at a full out run. 

A true "brag dog."

The breeding earlier in the week seems to not have affected him negatively.  Maybe I even saw a little more maturity in the field.  Of course, that could just be wishful guy thinking. 

Sex, food, naps and to end the week, a pheasant hunt. 

Not a bad week for the boy. 

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