Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nature's mating dance

The courtship of Sophie
Successful Dog Breeding: The Complete Handbook of Canine Midwifery (Howell reference books)Versatile Vizsla

The Mating.  In Marion Coffman's definitive book on the Vizsla, she explains how the mating occurs.  I read this section this morning before loading Bailey in the Jeep for the two hour drive to where he was going to breed.  She starts the section: "When the stud dog is within traveling possibilities, the old fashioned "natural" way is still the surest way used by many breeders, especially if the stud is experienced."  A little later in the section: " When the bitch is ready, she will let the male mount her.  An inexperienced male may try and mount her head, but the bitch will usually swing her body around and present her rear to him until he gets the idea."

I have never seen the mating of dogs from start to finish.  This time I not only watched, but gave support when needed.

The side shifted tail only occurs when the female is ready to accept the male
The courtship.  For over an hour, Sophie and Bailey "courted."  Bailey licked her ears until they were soaking wet.  He chew through her nylon collar until it was shredded.    He rolled on his back, he sniffed, he pranced.  They took a few breaks and at one point were seperated for about five minutes to allow them to relax a bit.  Bailey was completely inexperienced and it was interesting to see how long it took for him to get the idea of what he was to do.  He KNEW he had to do something, but was having trouble figuring it out.

After about an hour of courting and a few weak attempts, Sophie took charge.  She would coax Bailey into a stand up dance, and as they fell back down, she would swing around quickly so his front legs would come down on her back.  Smart girl!  He got the idea.  The light bulb went on.

The actual act was quick.  Just maybe a minute.  Then the "tie that binds" took place.  The dogs turned tail to tail and the breeder knelt by Sophie and I knelt by Bailey and just let them relax.  After about ten minutes, the coupling released and we were done. 

Both dogs then pranced around the yard happily.  Sophie was put in her crate and Bailey came and lay down next to me.

Very good chance we made puppies today.  Nature is grand!


Ken and Janet said...

Thanks for not including that last picture Rod - thought we were going to have to X-rate your blog for a minute there! Hope it all works out well!
Oh, I'll send you a phone number of someone looking for a pup.

Rod Michaelson said...

Thanks Ken,
During the mating and tie, it wasn't about taking pictures, as it was about supporting the dogs. They both performed an act they neither had done before. Nature showed the way. It was neat to watch from a distance. Looking forward to the little redbirddogs.