Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hard working Red Bird Dog looking for work

"It says here on your resume Mr. Bailey's Wildest Dream, that you will run for hours in an attempt to fulfill the goals set for you on any given day and that you will work for only food and lodging."
"It says here your work history is located on the internet. You have created a website."
"We'll have a job for you at the end of September.  Please stay in top physical condition until then Sir Dream."
Chloe running around an alert Bailey. Birds?
Pictures from this morning at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve.
Pheasant Season starts September 20th.  We'll be ready to enjoy the fields once again.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and Have fun on your Hastings Island opener. Keep your head down in that war zone and be safe!
Bird numbers are up here in South Dakota this year. Lots of cover, lots of water - the door is open and a bunk with your name on it, and your only tactical decisions are on how to work the cover, not how to avoid the enemy and friendly fire. :-)

Rod Michaelson said...

I dream about a South Dakota hunt. But like the local in Isabel,SD told me as I walked up to our pickup truck with California plates: "Long way to shoot some birds." The local battle field will have to do this year.