Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Perfect Water Retrieve

 First pheasant hunt of the season was this morning.  Perfect weather. 55 degrees at 7:30 when Hastings Island opens the fields to hunters.  This is Bailey and my fourth season.  We are comfortable in the fields as a team.

The first pheasant of the season.  We always take time to thank the bird and nature for the harvest.

Below is the small river that borders the northern edge of Hastings Island.  I had heard the bird from a distance in the fields.  I headed that way and Bailey started searching the bank.  He locked up on point looking down the bank.  The bank was covered with bramble brush with red berries.

 A rooster wild flushed about 10 yards away.  I took one shot as the bird flew hard to the right behind trees that lined the bank.  I thought I had missed it.  As I got to a clearing after walking another 50 feet away, I saw the bird in the middle of the river.  I had wounded it but the bird was swimming to the far bank.
Bailey hadn't seen the bird go down, but as he came near me, he looked down into the water, saw the bird and he found a way down to the water.  With no hesitation he plunged into the river and headed for the bird.
He caught the bird just before it got to the far shore and brought it back to me.  A perfect water retrieve.

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