Saturday, May 5, 2012

Define: Vizslas Running Large

In a pointing breed field trail, one of the traits you hear the judges looking for is if the dog is "running large".

Is he or she a "big running dog".

Thought I'd show a clip of a couple Vizslas "running large."  Bailey, followed by Chloe open it up on this wide open hill side in this 
1.23  minute clip. 

Their prey this morning: ground squirrels but a bird is rustled up about 45 seconds in and it worked just as well.
The joy of a full tilt run.

This is up in Briones Regional Park in the East portion of the San Francisco Bay on a warm May morning.
Mountain biking with Vizslas on Mount Mott trail
A little later in the bike ride we just cruised along on a flat section of valley floor.  A bit over 10 miles covered by me on the bike in two hours.  Bailey and Chloe at least doubled that much running. 

It was what nature built into them to do.


Anonymous said...

awesome awesome... I will say it again, wish we could run here like that.. Not sure Luna would do all that as I have trained her to hunt close, but still she would have a blast running around and that would be a great place to bike. I love how open it is, much easier to keep track of things.

Amarjeet said...
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