Saturday, January 2, 2016

After a Quiet 2015....

After a very quite 2015 on Redbirdog, 2016 looks like it is off to a great start and the dogs and I will be much more active.

On our first hike of 2016, Bailey, Chloe and I headed into the Walnut Creek Open Space south of the city.  90 minutes into the hike and on our way back to the Jeep, Bailey and Chloe headed up a hill and came across something in the grass.  Bailey at first jumped back.  "Snake?" I wondered.  As I got closer, I thought, "injured bird?" and then "Skunk?"   It wasn't until I got within 10 feet that I saw it was a full grown badger.

For the next five minutes it was a circus for the folks walking along the trail below.  Bailey was going to catch this badger and try to kill it.  Chloe circled the animal opposite Bailey and barked constantly.  I took the leashes that I carry and swung the buckle end at Bailey when he tried to go in on the badger.  A few times the badger would charge me and I'd tell it to "back off!, don't you know I'm trying to save you?"   Bailey did mange to grab the badger a couple times and throw it in the air.  The badger in return was able to bite Bailey under the chin.  I tried and tried to grab Bailey but he is too fast and he was too determined otherwise to listen.  Finally the badger found a pipe to crawl into and the "game" was over.  As you can see from the picture above from yesterday, Bailey was not wearing his e-collar.
This morning we headed out again into the hills, this time to the west of town up in the hills of Lafayette.  Bailey wore his e-collar and will for our off-leash adventures. He has gotten a bit too "free" and I need to have a way to control that incredible prey drive he has when it is dangerous for him or the protected animals in the hills where we hike.   

This is a link to a badger and Rhodesian Ridgeback going at it in2009.

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