Saturday, May 15, 2010

Briones Road Trailhead

Northern California at it's best!

Out of Martinez, California, find Briones Road on a map, if you take the drive along the 1.4-mile narrow mountain road, you'll come to the Briones Road Trailhead. Good parking, a bathroom, and a drinking fountain for you and the dogs

Here we started out on our Saturday morning walk. Weather clear. Temperature was about 70, and a light breeze was coming out of the west.

This was an 80-smile-per-hour walk .
Wild flowers were in full bloom, and the air was fresh and clear.

The dogs love to take a dip in these little ponds.

Hundreds of birds live in these open spaces. The dogs were in heaven.

The pictures are taken over about a 90-minute walk.


Cindy Mommsen said...

Beautiful pictures...I love the open space at Briones.

John Connelly said...

Almost as nice as Dorset - are those blue flowers bluebells? When you coming vistin' ole boy?

Ken and Janet said...

It's beautiful this time of year. Can't see how you're progressing with the "home project" out there though Rod... :-))

Rod Michaelson said...

Let's see. Remodel the bathroom or walk through these hills in springtime. No brainer. We have two bathrooms. Well off for our Thursday night walk with other Vizsla owners on our Spring/Summer Thursday night walk series. Come join us.
Rod, Bailey and Chloe