Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poor city dogs

Bailey and Chloe get out into the open spaces like those below at least four days a week.
Walked down to a local school sports fields tonight . There were a dozen "city" dogs that were brought to the school yard to socialize and exercise.
Most of the dogs just stood around their owners as the owners talked about this and that.
I have found out that Bailey and Chloe have a bit too much energy for some of these dogs and their owners.
I had given up going to city dog parks more than a year ago. Too many neurotic dog owners and their pent up charges. Bailey, with his "bits" hanging down, and city dog owners don't seem to mix well.
Bailey had been mugged more than once at these caged dog enclosures.
Bailey happens to be a strong and well-built Vizsla that has a lot of energy and is a high-powered hunting dog.

These are pictures are from this morning's walk out in the open spaces.

Continental sporting dogs are not regular pets like my neighbors' dogs. They have a drive and a passion that make it sometimes uncomfortable around others.

I found myself laughing to myself as I left the local school yard tonight with Bailey and Chloe on leash. My dogs have too much energy and passion for most suburban folk.
But these are the exact traits that were the main reasons we got our Vizslas in the first place. We have had "city dogs" before.

So, I guess we will be banished to spaces like the ones pictured above and below with friends that love the passion and drive of a good hunting dog.

Darn, I guess I can live with that.
Happy trails and trials.

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Anonymous said...

At least you HAVE places like the wild places in the pictures to run your dogs. Much harder to find "legal" ones here.. I did the dog park thing out of necesity for a while.. but after my year was up, even at the better/larger one I was over it. Even when I did have a membership I still went at less busy times as I got sick of dealing with people who didn't have a clue, and dogs that had even less of a clue. My little girl doesn't take too kindly to hyper, non respectful, dogs and snapped at quite a few.. but I don't blame her, I could count on half a hand how many people actually had a clue and understood some dog behavior/body language. Anyway, don't mean to rant. I found some other places that I probably shouldn't have let her off leash (only for legal reasons, she was on an e-collar so there was NO way she was going to go off anywhere without my say so, rabbit/bird or not.) And we made do.. now we live on a bit of a farm, with access to many other bird dog friends and wild birds.. and for the most part she is happy as a clam.
So enjoy your wild places, some states are not nearly as welcoming to well behaved dogs in wild spaces.