Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Princess Chloe meets Queen Ruby

This last weekend Chloe came along to the field trial. I ran into Vickie and Randy at the event, who were Chloe's breeders. It was Friday late afternoon and the evening was quiet.
Chloe had not seen her mother, Ruby, in well over a year.

I found it very interesting when they did meet. Chloe just rolled on her back and instantly became extremely submissive. Chloe remembered, right then and there, that she was Ruby's pup.
Chloe is almost 3 years old now and has only seen Ruby maybe 4 times in over 2 years.
Chloe has never acted submissive in this way with any other dog - EVER. But there she was, acting like a newborn pup.

Vickie, Ruby's owner and Chloe's breeder, said that Ruby does the same thing with her mom, Bonnie. Ruby is a little over 9 and Bonnie is over 13.

I thought it was fantastic to watch. Another new thing about dogs I would never have thought.
The mother / daughter bond is extremely strong.

Joanie and Vickie enjoyed visiting. The 4 girls had a good time in the Delta sunshine. Chloe and Ruby look very much alike. Beautiful girls. The dogs are good looking also.


Radar Red Dog said...

Ah how cute...Rio was the same when he met Maple at the Whizz!

Amanda said...

How very cool!