Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hunt

"One of the oldest and primitive instincts in humans has not yet disappeared, namely, the hunting instinct; lust for the hunt.

In civilized countries nobody has the necessary for its livelihood to go hunting. But many people still like to do it. One can think about it differently, but although it seems a contradiction, it is the hunting that keeps the wild alive in cultivated countries.

During the hunt, the man is still using the dog. There are a large number of hunting dog races with various branches of hunting customs on the whole world. For every branch of the hunt there are also specially bred hunting dogs available. By preventing equal prey's in widely separated countries they created many hunting dogs with a similar instance. Accordingly , the standing Hungarian hunting dog, the "Magyar Vizsla" was created.

In the large group of different kinds of hunting dogs, we can find the original hunting dog back.

The task of the drifting dogs is the game to drift the wild from the vegetation and chase it with loud barking. The drifting dog follows the wild tracks with the nose along the ground, he doesn't need to see the animal that he is tracking.

He needs to drift it to the hunter or he needs to hold it still untill the hunter comes to shoot the prey. Originally, they we're only packs. Because they have been crossing with a.o. sheepdogs they have made it more balanced and cooperative to handle. Thus arose the standing dogs.

Standing dogs, the collection of their tasks is enormous.
The following is required:

1. Methodical search.

2. Fixed standing; meaning that the dogs must stand and not chase the wild,
but they must stand quietly and point the hunter to the prey.

3. They must fetch the wild that has been shot out of the water and then they have to apport it to the hunter.

4. They have to follow wild that has been shot and apport it to the hunter.

These are not all assignments listed, but they are the main things which the standing dog should be able to do.

Standing dogs remain deadlocked for the wild, after searching the country with their heads against the wind to pick up a scent of the wild to catch. He drifts the wild after the orders of the hunter and works, unlike the drifting dogs, in close cooperation with the hunter.

There are few people left who hunt in order to survive. The desire to hunt, however, remained alive for all civilizations. There is therefore no country in the world where is not being hunted. The hunt has in our society contribute to his task the wild and the green space in which the wild lives to maintain. It is therefore an important part to focus on active nature. The modern hunter, is a wildlife expert and wildlife protector."

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