Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bailey and Chloe meet Tom the Turkey

Just had to get out today. It is great walking weather. We took off from the parking area on Springhill Road in Lafayette and took the Buckeye Ranch Trail and then the Ridge Trail and finally Sunrise Trail for a 5-mile loop.
Just after taking some video footage (at the end of this post) from the top of Ridge Trail, I was reviewing the video and happened to look up. I saw Bailey "on point" in the middle of a field 20 yards away. Chloe was 10 feet away "honoring."

Ten seconds later, just a few feet from Bailey, out of the 2-foot tall grass flys a wild turkey. As the turkey took flight, Bailey jumped forward and up. Not sure if he could have caught this large bird in his mouth as this must have been a 20-pound bird.
I do think I saw him bump that bird in the air with his head.

Wild turkeys can actually fly fairly well when they have to. This tom turkey had to.

Bailey and Chloe gave chase for about a minute until they realized the bird had flown into the trees down in the canyon below.

They both came back with that "Dad, that was good, huh?" look. Their tails were wagging 300 beats a minute.

to expand screen to full size - click on box ( bottom right corner of screen) that has the four arrows facing the corners.

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