Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy city street walks

During late spring and then all summer, I take Bailey and Chloe downtown at least once a week. Usually we walk from the house around 5pm, and by 5:30 we are walking along the busy roads and sidewalks of Walnut Creek. Rush hour. I first head to the Post Office, which is about a mile away. Then it's off to the business and shopping district for another half-mile walk.

There is a great little pub downtown, Crogan's Pub and Grill.

We head in for a cold beer for me and dog snacks and water for Bailey and Chloe. We sit on the deck and the local patrons look forward to seeing the dogs.

After one beer, it is back along the roads back home.
Sometimes we stop by the Ace Hardware in town for small items I might need.
The staff love Bailey and Chloe and always have a dog snack for the red dogs.

Usually these walks are about 5 miles long.

Noisy trucks, trains, lots of people, bicycles, other dogs on leash, sirens.

Over the last couple years, the dogs can walk calmly among the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

And then 24 hours later...
they get to run free along the Carquinez Scenic Road and swim and play in a wide- open field.

A very different 5-mile walk.

Not a bad life for a dog.

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