Thursday, May 13, 2010

Health and owning Vizslas

Had my semi-annual physical exam yesterday afternoon.

The doctor said,; "Rod, everything is perfect according to the tests. You're a picture of health."

I can owe part of this improvement in my health to two things.

Chloe and Bailey.

I am getting ready to take our Thursday evening walk with some fellow Vizsla owners on Buckeye Ranch Trail. This will be about a 90 minute walk along a creek and some hills.

The dogs get me out EVERY night after work. We walk, bike ride or field trial train for a minimum of an hour. Many times it is two hours and sometimes more.

I used to smoke. One morning a couple years ago, when Chloe was just a pup, I was walking her. Being that it was late autumn I was all bundled up against the cold and puffing on a smoke.

Across the street along came this athletic looking woman who was running in shorts and a tank top with her dog at her side.

I looked at myself all bundled up and smoking walking this 4 month old pup and then looked back across the street at the athletic girl and her athletic dog.

I quit that day. I couldn't see myself owning and caring for an athletic dog and not live up to that standard.

Thank you Chloe and Bailey for getting me back in the physical condition I enjoy being in. The dogs need me to be in this physical condition.

So if you don't get out every day with your Vizsla(s) for at least an hour, then you need to ask yourself , "What is stopping me?"

I know there are a hundred reasons.

Just start doing it and everything will work out.

It's like going to the gym, but for me, a 100 times more satifsying.

A Vizsla makes a great personal trainer.

Happy trails and trials.

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