Friday, May 14, 2010

Bailey is ranked number 24 in the US

The new numbers are in on the national ranking for Vizsla Derby/Puppies and Bailey is ranked number 24 in the nation.

Bailey's main competition over the last year, here in the California, have been two females and one male Vizsla.

Pearl is ranked #2 in the nation. Hank is ranked #14 and his other sister Scarlet is #18 in all the US.

I am very pleased at how Bailey has held his own against these and other great dogs here on the West Coast.

Now we start the long process of turning Bailey into a top notch gun dog.

This will take hundreds, if not thousands of hours of training. Cool!


Radar Red Dog said... Bailey that's really impressive! Well done to you & your Dad!!

Andrew Campbell said...

Congrats to you and Bailey, Rod!