Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vizsla Puppy pictures

 Bailey and Sophie's litter at three weeks old. 

The one and only male.  Going to live in Benicia

 What a great looking group of healthy pups. 

 It was quite enjoyable taking my Nikon D70 camera and attempting to catch the "spirit" of these little angels.
Yum!  Milk.

red girl wants to know "what's happening?"

"Actually I do look like a sumo wrestler".

This one was cold and wanted someone to pick her up.

Nice rear-footed point green girl

Sophie is a wonderful mother to these hungry little angels.
Three of the female pups are still available to good homes as of this afternoon.

Julie can be reached at :
if you want to know more about the litter

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Juliet said...

Ah lovely lovely lovely...I want one!!!

Juliet x