Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Long-time Vizsla Breeders

"Ach...the very best bird dog is the one that hunts WITH you, in the manner that you prefer, with the type of birds you prefer, in the style that you prefer to hunt. Period."

Ms. Michel Berner
May 14, 2011 Yahoo group VizslaFT
Mira Vizslas, AKC Reg'd Breeder of Merit

Thousands of posts are recorded on the Yahoo groups: Vizsla Talk, Vizsla Walk, and Vizsla FT.  I have read many of them over the last few years. 
 The quote above cuts to the core of Vizsla ownership (in my humble opinion.) 

More words of wisdom from another long time breeder:
"For those who have pups that you plan to hunt. Please, please, please don't wait until the hunt season comes and let friends talk you into hunting your dog when they have not been properly trained, because you have a "hunting dog". Why make a BIG mistake when its so easy to get them out to get used to guns, birds and other dogs in the field. Don't make that mistake and create a huge problem, or a couch potato. My personal feeling is it is never the dog, but owners, who don't understand the importance of field training."
Michelle Artis
May 20, 2011 Northern California Vizsla Club

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