Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vizslas meet a Great Dane at the beach

Chloe couldn't believe how big this dog was!

We came across "Nemo" on the beach during our Vizsla Walk this bright Sunday morning.  Nemo is an 11-month-old Great Dane that was almost 4 feet tall and about 150 pounds.

He wanted to play with the pack of seven Vizslas once we had arrived on the beach.  
Bailey now can imagine how a dachshund feels when Bailey comes upon him / her to play.

The pack of Vizslas gave Nemo plenty of room
Goose, the Vizsla, trying to figure out how to play with this huge puppy.

This all took place at the newest "hidden treasure" - Moss Landing Beach ( Just north of Half Moon Bay.)

Six Vizslas enjoying the beach
More on this "hidden treasure" on the next post.

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