Monday, May 2, 2011

Hidden Treasure - Las Trampas Wildness Area

map is available at trailhead

10 miles south of our home is Danville, California. 

 Just west of this town is the Las Trampas Wilderness Area.

The "Ringtail Cat Staging Area" was reached at the end of Hemme Road.
(off of Danville Blvd.)
 Great new place for us where the dogs to can run off-leash.

 Part of the East Bay Regional Park District.
 Foxtails are minimal in this area. Very important for us this time of year here in Northern California.
 Drinking trough at about two miles up the hill.
 Nice clean running creek that flows through the valley floor.
 The views were spectacular on this bright Sunday morning.
Million dollar views for the cost of hiking 30 minutes up an oak-studded hillside.

double click on map image to make it full screen size. 

Tonight, (Tuesday) I went back up to Ringtail Cat trail and this time took a right and followed the stream up the valley for about two miles.  We started at about 5pm.  This was one of those great walks that only comes along a few times a year.  This was heaven on earth of Bailey, Chloe and me.


basten said...

We used to live in Danville, moved to Texas in 2008. My husband and I would go to las Trampas with our Vizla boys Kivo and Basten. They just loved it. Beautiful place to hike and mountain bike.

Anonymous said...

When you run your dogs off-leash, are you *sure* you have effective voice control?

Rod Michaelson said...

My dogs are responsible to know where I am. I also always carry my whistle. One toot and they are "required" to come back running to me. Hundreds of hours of hill hikes since the dogs were old enough to join me in off leash hikes.