Monday, May 30, 2011

Hidden Treasure - Pillar Point Bluffs

On a sunny morning, a group of Vizsla owners joined us for a walk along the Pillar Point Bluffs and then down to Pillar Point Beach.  Here are pictures and stories and a location link about the Bluffs.

Great views of the Pacific and Pillar Point Harbor.

A story was told during yesterday's walk about a young Vizsla who went over the cliff and had to be rescued by firefighters.  Very much like the above story.  The cliffs are very high and steep.

Pillar Point Bluffs, a 140-acre preserve north of Half Moon Bay overlooking Mavericks surf break, will soon belong to San Mateo County.

The County of San Mateo has purchased these bluffs.  The days of "off-leash" walks may be ending soon.
Enjoy them while you can.  The dogs loved it.
I pointed my camera where four Vizslas were running in the cover.  See them?

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