Friday, May 6, 2011

Is a Vizsla THE Right Dog?

Take the above test.

A new article "advice on picking a pup" from the website:
Bailey's field placements up through his being 2+ years old, listed below:

(We are on a six-month field trialing break as we get ready for next fall.)

A Vizsla for you and your family?

I took the test. A Vizsla was an 83% match to what I would be looking for in a dog.

My top 20 list per survey:

1. Mixed Breed Dog. If no purebred in our database matches all your criteria, consider a mix of the top breeds on your list. (100%)
2. Field Spaniel (90%)
3. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (85%)
4. Vizsla (83%)
5. Schipperke (81%)
6. Weimaraner (81%)
7. Airedale Terrier (79%)
8. Labrador Retriever (79%)
9. Sussex Spaniel (79%)
10. Welsh Springer Spaniel (79%)
11. Pointer (78%)
12. German Shorthaired Pointer (77%)
13. Brittany Spaniel (75%)
14. English Setter (70%)
15. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (69%)
16. American Water Spaniel (68%)
17. Irish Setter (68%)
18. Irish Water Spaniel (66%)
19. Gordon Setter (66%)
20. Golden Retriever (65%)

Vizslas are not for everyone.

Right Dog For You

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Hi Rob,

Great post - it's true... Vizslas are not for everyone.

They are more needy than other breeds but they have so much love to give!

My boy, Nelson, is 4 years old and had a cancer removed last year.

They said it was a skin cancer - not related to the sun though... strange!

Anyway, he is fighting fit and healthy now... :)

We run about 30kms together each week.