Friday, April 29, 2011

Vizsla Posters - Obey the Vizsla

They are Eastern European dogs after all.

Vizsla rally
1960 marked the year the breed went from nearly extinct after WW2 to an AKC recognized breed.


And you mistakenly believed you are the master. Hah!

History - Vizsla as a guard dog

"Historically there is the story about Derek Peters who tried to steal St. Stephen's Crown during WWII.

 He was not successful, but came back because he was
so impressed with the beautiful golden dogs who were ferocious in repelling himfrom the precious artifact.

 Peters made more than one trip to Hungary trying to bring a Vizsla to England.

The last time he tried he was found shot dead at the
border with a dead male Vizsla by his side.

 Gay Gottleib tells Peters story much better than I did in one of her books."

The full telling of the story can be found at:

And...there is that olde Hungarian Proverb:
 (loosely translated from faulty memory)

 "There are no wolves when Vizslas guard the flocks."


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