Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vizsla Fun Field Days in Northern California

In the lower right hand corner of the video is the expand icon.  Press it to make video full screen. 
 Much better in full screen with volume cranked up!
This great Vizsla video created by my friend Pam Lambros. 

 She did a fantastic job catching the spirit of the Vizsla community here in Northern California at the Vizsla Fun Days at Hastings Island earlier in the month. 

 Photography by Pam Lambros, Dane Mrazek and Stephen Baur. 


Juliet said...

Love it...great video & it looks like a very successful time was had by all.

JLC17 said...

Hi Rod - I love your blog! The picture at the top at the beach is just amazing. I, along with my fiance Ed, own (or am owned by, I should say!) Willowynd's Rockin' Kyburz (Ky) from Tessa's last litter. He's the crazy 6.5 month old who jumped up like an alligator and almost caught his bird - he's in a few of the pictures. We can't imagine life w/o our boy!

Rod Michaelson said...

Glad you are enjoying your red bird dog addiction. Ky is from a great kennel. Ken and Janet's Willowynd dogs give Bailey great competition in the field. You'll have your hands full.