Sunday, July 12, 2009

Point Pinole Vizsla Walk

The fields are free of foxtails! Yeah. Bailey and Chole joined a Vizsla Walk group for a two hour walk through the fields and paths of Point Pinole Regional Park. Foxtails have been replaced with fennel and lilac bushes. The tide was out so the mud was nice and mushy and cool. The dogs had a blast!

Could you find a better looking group? Sunday morning (this morning) and this group had been walking in the Point Pinole Park for about an hour. Around the drinking fountain by the pier the dogs had to "leash up" for the first time since the parking lot. Took the opportunity to get a jogger to grab a group picture.

As usual, for the first 15 minutes of the walk, the dogs are exploding with the pent up energy they have stored up over night. A group of Vizslas could run a small city with their pent up energy.

Here is a dog pack at its finest. They know that their humans came with them on this walk but they are with their kind.

Nothing could be better for a city or suburban Vizsla than to get to run and play like this!


Anonymous said...

cool dog..

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Anonymous said...

Does the group still meet?

Rod Michaelson said...

It does. Almost every Sunday morning at 9:30. There is a Yahoo group called "VizslaWalk" that announces the walks.