Monday, July 20, 2009

Raina and Jada - Super dog training assistants

Jada is age 1o and Raina is age 7. I know, they look older.

Bailey is Jada's dog to help train and Chloe is Raina's.

I am very privileged to live across the street from such great young dog trainers.

When Chloe started working with Raina three months ago, Chloe would growl and bark when Raina got within 10 feet of her. Bailey has a lot of power and Jada had to show Bailey that she could be the boss and does on our walks.

At the end of our little street, Davin and his two daughters have walked the red dogs on their left and under control. They tell the dogs to "heel' and 'whoa," and they mind the girls.

If you don't have children in your family and you have Vizslas, then go out in your neighborhood and try to find some young dog trainers. It is the best thing you can do for your dogs.

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thanks for the information..
dog is cute..

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