Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July long walk

Well , the 4th of July parade started at 9 am in Danville, California, so in leaving my house on foot with the two dogs at 7 am, I felt I had left enough time to make it. I knew it was going to be a good, long walk.

Three hours later, with only a quick stop downtown to grab a coffee, we finally were watching the parade go by (what was left of it). Miscalculated how far it was (a little over nine miles). Met Joanie at the 5-mile-to-go mark (she drove to this point).

Chloe hated the noise of the drums and shook and pulled. She was not having a good time. Bailey enjoyed everything about it. Took some pictures to post and SD card in my camera went bad and I lost all those pictures. Oh well.

So, after 15 minutes it was back on the Iron Horse trail for the three-hour walk back home. Left at 7:00 and got home at 2:30. The dogs and I took a nice two-hour nap.

Great way to spend the 4th.

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