Saturday, July 11, 2009

Briones on Mountain bike

This morning I loaded up the mountain bike and Bailey and Chloe for a ride in the hills of Briones Regional Park.

In the background right over Bailey and Chloe's head is Point Pinole and the SF Bay under a blanket of fog. At this point the dogs have run and trotted for about four miles and it is all down hill back to the truck.

For the first three miles or so they love exploring the hills as I rode. Here I stopped under a shade tree and let them romp in the grassy hills.

Bailey loves to run flat out! When he is roading along with me, off -leash, he stays ahead of me no matter how fast I want to ride.

We are in conditioning training with him for the field trials next month and will be doing this twice a week now that we can get back into the open spaces (foxtails are finally gone).

Want to build up his endurance for in the field trials, dogs are expected to run full out for 20 to 40 minutes.

For Chloe it is great excercise. After a few miles she is just as happy to trot along my side while I peddle on the dirt trails.

If you like mountain biking and live in the Bay area, these are some great trails. On the Yahoo Groups - Vizsla Walk I will post when we go for a ride.


Jessica said...

great photos & great dogs! Sorry we couldn't visit more today but Levi was ready for bed! We love you lots & enjoy witnessing your adventures. Love, J

Anonymous said...

good photo gallery

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