Friday, July 10, 2009

Extreme Bird Dog part I

The below write up is what I'm hoping to achieve in Bailey.

"Extreme Bird Dog" by Ray Cooper (first class Vizsla handler)

1. A dog with the desire to go to where the birds are. If that happens to be
600 yards down a field edge or tree line, they do it because they would rather
find birds than hang around their handler.

2. A dog with the olfactory senses to scent birds while traveling at top speed
and not need to stick his nose in every bush on the course to find birds.

3. A dog that has the muscle and bone structure along with a cardiovascular
system capable of supporting the dog for extended distances and time to get the
job done.

4. A dog that has the brains to take training as well as learn from experience
where the most likely places birds will hang out during the day and use the wind
to his advantage.

5. A dog that has a bold, fast, attractive way of going that exhibits an
eagerness to do his job and get to the likely objectives during his alloted

6. A dog that likes to go to the front and responds to his handler when called
upon but has enough independence to seek out likely haunts on his own without

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