Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fear of toddlers overcome!

Chloe hated to be around children, especially toddlers, just a few short months ago. She is now 23-months-old and here with three-year-old Barnabas, the son of Laszlo and Agnes, she is completely comfortable and enjoying herself. This would have been unthinkable in March.

With the help of a couple neighborhood girls, ages eight and ten, Chloe has come a very long way. Tonight she was having a grand time playing fetch with Barnabas on our ritual Wednesday night Buckeye Ranch Trail walk. We were joined by Barnabas' parents and their 7 year-old female Vizsla, Fules. Lyn brought Clara and Lucy for part of the walk, and the five dogs had a splendid time in the cool shade of the oaks along the creek.

But it was "The Chloe and Barnabas Hour" for me as they played and Barnabas screeched and Chloe's tail never left the up position. Wonderful night .

Here after an hour walk, Chloe wanted more than a drink of water and jumped in the watering trough. Barnabas came to see and laugh with the rest of us.

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