Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hungarian Vizsla Video - 1942

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"The speaker says this is how the famous Hévizi kennel, established a Hungarian Vizsla breeding ranch on the estate in Héviz owned by late György Festetics.  They train their gun dogs with special care and expertice. The hunting with Vizslas is a science. Not too much. But interesting anyway."

And from that site, you can search "vizsla" and come up with several more.  Here is one of a national field trial.

Hungarian Field Trial
Link Translated....
"Gödöllő (Gödöllő is a town situated about 30 km (20 mi) northeast from the outskirts of Budapest) held this year's hunting retriever and spaniel-national competition. The best race of the splendid hunting cultures perfectly solved the difficult tasks."

I don't know where Kay Ingle finds these rare gems.

Vizsla Rescue Haven

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