Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Trekker - California dog friendly travel

I have linked this new link to redbirddog.  I really like the way the site is put together and its mission statement.

"Welcome to DogTrekker.com, fun for dogs and the humans who follow.

 DogTrekker is a collaborative effort of dog lovers who want to share what they've learned during 200 combined years of on-the-road and on-the-trail adventures.

We've checked out the best places in Northern California for you and your pup to stay, eat, hike, swim and play.

 Please explore our site, sign up for our weekly newsletter and be sure to take us along on your next DogTrekking adventure.

Our Mission

DogTrekker.com and DogTrekker, the weekly newsletter, are on a mission. We pledge to provide our readers with countless ideas for dog-friendly adventures. We also pledge to support the unselfish and tireless work performed by founders and volunteers of dog rescue shelters and organizations throughout Northern California.

DogTrekker's support for rescue organizations and shelters includes visibility in the newsletter and on the site, with technical and financial support to be extended as we grow. Our goal is to make a difference in the number of dogs entering shelters and rescues, and to assist those already there in finding good homes.

Our support further extends to organizations advocating for dog-access rights in our cities and on our public lands. "Leash Wars" currently are being waged on a number of fronts in Northern California. At risk are many on—and off-leash—privileges long enjoyed in our national, state and regional parks. We at DogTrekker will be following the news, updating our site and letting you know about public meetings and other ways to get involved."


Rod Michaelson said...

Hello Rod,

Thank you very much for your compliments and the post on your RedBirdDog blog. A solid team of dog lovers have been "driven" by our four-legged companions to create a site of value...

A lot of work has gone into Dogtrekker.com - with a lot more coming. It is appreciated when recognized.

I hope we continue to be an asset for you and your Vizslas with your


MaryE said...

Aww, thanks for the kind words! Love the photo too!--Mary, also from DogTrekker