Monday, June 6, 2011

Two Years of Blogging redbirddog

The very first post.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sitting in the "dog house"

This is the first post of Redbirddog.

This will be the adventures of Bailey and Chloe as they travel the Western United States with their owners, Rod and Joanie Michaelson.

Who reads this and why will be a mystery to me.

My posts will be short. I can't read a long post and I can't imagine anyone else wants to.

comment from Amanda: (first one)

Too cute! Welcome to Vizsla blogging. I'll add you to my Vizsla bloggers list- you can find tons of other V-lovers there.

-Amanda and Zoe

2 years, 315 posts, 24,790 visits, and 51,735 pages viewed later

On post #314, the same Amanda commented: (latest one)

I've really enjoyed watching the litter grow- can't even get enough Vizsla puppy pictures! :)
I really like the world Vizsla community. 
 Especially the bloggers and forum posters.   An interesting breed.

On the back of our first motor home.
We are enjoying sharing our little part of it.
Happy trails and trails,
Rod and Joanie Michaelson

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Amanda said...

Happy blog-iversary! I don't comment too often- but I do read all your posts as I am subscribed to them. I don't hunt with my gals, but I love watching you work yours & reading about the breed more in depth. You are seriously living my dream- traveling, dogs, and the West Coast! Cheers & here's many more years of adventures :)