Sunday, June 13, 2010

San Diego dog comes to San Francisco

365 days a year in San Francisco and less than a 5 percent of them would be as nice as today.  Joseph and his family met Joanie and me for an early morning walk along the cliffs and then the beach of Fort Funston.  They had driven up from San Diego for a long weekend with family in the East Bay.

They had read in the Dog Lover's Companion about Fort Funston and were able to meet us there at 8:30.

The Dog Lover's Companion to California: The Inside Scoop on Where to Take Your Dog (Dog Lover's Companion Guides)

They brought their little girl Vizsla, Brulee, who enjoyed running after and with Bailey and Chloe.

All five "kids" played king or queen of the hill. 

After an hour of walking the beach, we headed back.  We came across the Vizsla Walk group

heading toward us.  Josesph and his family joined the group to go back down the beach as we headed back home.

The foxtails have driven us out of the hills for now.  The beach and the hills above the ocean make a great alternative. 

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Joseph said...


Brulee is still getting over the nirvana she felt trouncing around the beach of Fort Funston with Cloe and Bailey. The dunes and beach at Fort Funston is rare find that everyone, especially families with dogs, should experience. Even though we come from San Diego, with its miles and miles of coastline, very little of the coast allows off leash enjoyment with our dog. We were shocked at the size of Fort Funston's 'dog beach'! Thanks again for inviting us and letting us share your early morning adventure. Even my 8 & 10 year old children thought it was an amazing experience. Take care. Joseph ---