Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Ring - A different world

Today was a day of show dogs! 

Lots of trophies and ribbons available in a wide varity of categories.
Very different world from the field dog trial world

They even had a category for field trial dogs!  Here a field trial dog prances with purpose around the ring.

There were maybe 100 Vizslas today competing.  Beautiful dogs.
We just showed up to watch the action and support the Northern California Vizsla Club.

Bailey looked around and then stared up at me with that, "I'm bored!  All these dogs but no birds."

Then there are four people and their dogs that could claim "A dual championship."  These are the few superstars in the Vizsla world.  These are the dogs that can get a championship in field trials and also in confirmation rings.  The commitment owners have to make to get these dual championships is beyond most of us.


Congratulations to these friends.  They have made the committment to the Vizsla breed to carry on the royal hunting lines!
Bailey has quite a few cheerleaders that tell me he has what it takes. So do I make the committment?

Bailey and I are thinking about it. 
 He just doesn't think he is "pretty enough."

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Garrett said...

Looks like lots of fun and a great day for it. Wish Captain and I could have made it.